For instance Google chat inspired the current testing and design of Gmail’s mobile email responses. This is a major turn-around for the Gmail app, which did not receive such significant changes over several months ago. First, the discovery was made by AndroidPolice and they also shared some screenshots for the update.

Redesigned Interface
As a result, frequent Gmail users, especially within professional contexts, are all too familiar with how complicated receiving responses to one’s emails can be and navigating through threads. The latest design also includes an open field for response which is located below the screen and stays there even as one scrolls up or down the email. The shape of this text looks similar to the text format in Google Chat with the difference that it has two pills on the left side which are attached files and emoticon. The way the new design will compare to the old version illustrates it through a visual comparison with the old version.

Response field gives a user an option to pick up the appropriate type of response and changes the recipient on the left while taking a full-screen user interface on the right.

User Interaction
There comes the keyboard upon tapping the response field, which moves upwards with a send button at the bottom right. It allows users to write the reply in view of the email-body, which is a great progress. however, one has no idea of where in this new interface the quick replies are located.

At present, it appears like a distant trial for specific accounts given that just some devices will exhibit the differences. It is difficult to estimate the time frames, however; more information shall be shared in due course upon being officially communicated.

Important Reminder
However, before going further, let’s not forget about the news from last May – Google is going to get rid of the inactive Gmail accounts after two years. As per different sources, this process will start at the end of December 2023. Just log on and use the Gmail as it saves a potentially inactive one. It can be achieved using different methods including watching television, viewing YouTube videos, reading mails, among others, as well as, searching for contents on the World Wide Web. If you have an active You Tube account that is connected to this email account, Google will not erase it. In particular, no active personal Gmail accounts will be lost as those related to business and school will remain intact.