We recently made a detailed study involving 3 leading “book-style” foldable mobiles which are commonly called as “foldables”. Therefore, we arranged the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Honor Magic V2 and OnePlus Open next on each other. Both times oneplus’ first fold standout in media department because of its quality. The OnePlus Open becomes the preferable product if taking quality of photos and videos into consideration.

Photo Improvement Update
Nevertheless, oneplus just released a new update to the OnePlus Open giving better sharpness and colour fidelity when taking pictures. This is seen in the changelog associated with build number CPH2551_13.2.0.116 EX01 — also known as OxygenOS running on Android 13. As we wait on android 14, this optimizes capability out of their best in high end equipment at hand.

Key Features of the Update
It is a fairly small patch of about 300MB which should be released into all running OnePlus Open units within couple of days’ time frame. Also, there are new eSIM support in the markets where such support was unavailable before. With this business-oriented outlook in mind, one of its latest additions is the OnePlus Open that was originally made as a home for two physical SIMs but is still an advantage to their users.

Changelog Highlights:
-Improved system stability.
-Enhanced system performance.
Fixed a problem that made getting the profile picture of a WeChat contact from external screen slow.
-A case in point – fixed the problem of not opening Eraser Tool for some in photos.
Communication :
-Added support for eSIM.
-Cameras :
Clearer images in shots that have extreme zoom on the telephoto lens.
Improved chromatic precision of Photos and Pro mode shots.