Samsung is happy to announce that Good Lock has become one of the applications with more than 100 million downloads. This revelation emerged from the firm’s community board.

Evolution of Good Lock
The famous suite of apps called “Good Lock” which was released in 2016 gives users an opportunity to customize different UI elements. For customization lovers, good lock has long been a dream come true that enables Samsung to cleanly have some of the most comprehensive customizations and features ever seen.

Global Reach of Good Lock
Initially, the Good Lock suite was restricted to few countries but as time went on; Samsung has gradually made it accessible to many more markets until finally it got to wide distribution.

Interestingly, people who would be curious for the countries leading in good lock downloads, South Korea leads the list with 27 percent of the total number of downloads. Next to it comes china with 21% of good lock download. Following, the United states hold a 12%, while India holds at 7% and finally Mexico takes a lead with a 3%. Though this may be considered relatively low, it should be emphasized that Good Lock appeared in Mexico only in 2022. It’s also important to note that the Galaxy store is home to the Good lock which makes its achievement in this regard noteworthy.

Popular Features Across Regions
Also, Samsung gave glimpses of favorite Good Lock features in different countries. For example, Korean use Sound Assistant and Quick Star while, Indian users prefer Theme Park and Home Up apps.

For now, it is unclear if Good Lock will extend beyond the market areas that it already covers. The company is into optimization with One UI 6.0 after the official update for some gizmos is released nowadays.