The Dimensity 9400 processor, MediaTek’s flagship and competitor to the future Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, has had more details published in a new leak. According to leaker Digital Chat Station, the mobile processor will use the new version of the Immortalis GPU, developed by Arm. With this GPU, the Dimensity 9400 should arrive with higher performance in the area of graphics processing.

Digital Chat Station (DCS), which is a leaker with a good track record of hits, claims that MediaTek’s chip had a performance improvement in GFXBench’s Aztech Ruins test of 11.1%. The GPU ran the video at 1440p at 110 fps — the Dimensity 9300 did the same test at 99 fps. The Immortalis used by the SoC does not yet have an official name, but it should be part of the Immortalis G9 line. This Arm GPU has support for ray tracing.

Dimensity 9400 improves performance, but runs through problems
Leaker DCS disclosed on his Weibo account that the Dimensity 9400’s benchmark scored 2,700 points in the single-core test, 19.3% higher than the performance of the predecessor Dimensity 9300. In multi-core, the SoC reached 9,800 points, 24.7% more than MediaTek’s current flagship.

However, such performance has a downside. First, we’re still in the processor engineering samples. The MediaTek 9400 is expected to arrive only in the last quarter of the year. Until then, these values may change up or down.

Second, it’s battery consumption. Again, the Taiwanese manufacturer is using a configuration without efficiency cores. At least TSMC’s 3nm process, which will be used in the production of the Dimensity 9400, helps with lower power consumption.

The chip will also use LPDDR5T-type RAM, the best option today for processing artificial intelligence tasks. The performance of SoCs with large language models (LLM), the engines of generative AIs, will be increasingly important in the segment. As Samsung showed with the Galaxy S24 and Apple has already advanced, these AIs will be standard functionality of premium phones.