Exactly one month after the previous update, which had added saved messages per chat, the tag in saved messages and the “saved” tab in shared media, Telegram has released a new version of its app that “takes the conversation in groups to a whole new level” thanks to the addition of 9 new features.

Specifically, groups can now post stories and save them as posts on their profile pages, set unique backgrounds and statuses, and customize their appearance to the smallest detail. All of these features are already available and can be unlocked by group members who can boost their favorite chats. Boosted groups can also offer voice-to-text conversion and premium custom emojis to their members.

One of the main changes that came with this update is the ability for group admins to publish Stories. Members’ replies to stories will be sent into the group, allowing you to start new conversations.

To post a story as a group, simply tap the story “+” icon on the group’s profile or select the group in the “Publish Story As” section of the story editor.

Also new is enhanced groups that now support new customization options: change the color and logo of the group’s profile cover, set an emoji status, and choose a background that will be visible to anyone who opens the group. For their emoji status, groups can choose from the many emojis made by Telegram artists, adding anything.

To customize the group, simply open the profile and select Edit > Appearance. The level of the group determines the appearance settings that are available.
In higher-level groups, some Telegram Premium features for in-chat communication are now also unlocked. Admins can choose a set of custom emojis that all members can use in the group, even if they don’t have Telegram Premium.

You can choose a set of emojis made by Telegram artists or create a unique set just for your group chat.

Enhanced group members can also enjoy unlimited voice transcription for voicemails and video messages sent in the group. Through future updates, Telegram says, even more features will be added to boost one’s group chat.

The latest is a special boost badge that is now displayed on messages from users who have boosted the party. The badge evolves with each boost sent, and admins can apply special permissions to those who boost the group, giving them unique privileges, such as the ability to ignore slow mode or other restrictions.

Telegram Premium includes 4 boosts that can be assigned to any group or channel, and you get 3 additional boosts every time you gift Premium).

Telegram concludes the note in which it announced these new features with the promise to add in the next version also 5 other functions that it was not possible to include, for some reason, in this update.