The development of WhatsApp continues, as always, with the aim of shortening the distance with the best competition. In one of the latest beta versions for Android,, the ability to pin up to 3 messages in a conversation has been noted. It is an important novelty since for now, both on WhatsApp for Android and iOS, you cannot pin more than one message at a time, trying to highlight a second one a message appears that warns that the new one replaces the message fixed at that moment.

The same warning appears to those who use WhatsApp beta for Android and try to “pin” a fourth message, with this which, in case of confirmation, replaces the first fixed message, the oldest. In short, the limit is 3 fixed messages at a time, although between now and the moment when the novelty debuts on the stable WhatsApp app the number could change. Telegram, just to give an example by citing one of WhatsApp’s best-known competitors, has long offered the possibility of pinning more than one message with an interface, moreover, very similar to the one seen in the beta of Meta’s service.

In a WhatsApp beta release for Android just after that,,’s colleagues noticed work in progress to mention a contact in status updates, followed by an immediate notification to the person mentioned. This will also eventually have to be confirmed in a future version of the stable WhatsApp app.

Yesterday, in beta and for a limited number of testers, an update was rolled out that consists of a new row of buttons that appear just above the chat list, through which you can quickly view only chats that contain unread messages, or only groups, or all conversations.