YouTube has announced a new design for its TV app, which will be rolled out gradually to all users in the coming weeks. The goal is to bring the interactive features that users already know and love about YouTube to the big screen, while maintaining a smooth and intuitive viewing experience.

The main change is the reduction in the size of the video player, for the benefit of greater ease of use. In addition to the revamped look and feel, the interface will offer new possibilities for interaction, such as viewing information on purchases and sports scores in real time, and easier access to existing functions such as video descriptions and comments. To decide which elements to change and which to keep, YouTube collected feedback from its long-time users.

In fact, next to the video player we will find shortcuts to access additional information and interactive features, without ever losing sight of what we are watching. Among the new features:

Viewing comments and video descriptions: we will be able to read comments and descriptions in real time without having to take our eyes off the video.
Enhancement of existing features: Access to existing features, such as watch history and video queue, will be simplified and more intuitive.
The arrival of these new features marks a step towards an increasingly interactive YouTube experience on TVs as well. YouTube promises to continue working in this direction, listening to users’ needs and developing innovative solutions to make watching videos on the big screen even more engaging. All that remains is to wait for the update of the YouTube app on your Smart TV to find out for yourself what is coming.