Good news for Google Photos users! Starting May 15 (the day after Google’s annual developer conference), everyone will be able to access the app’s AI-powered editing tools for free.

We’re talking about features like Magic Eraser (to get rid of unwanted elements from photos), Photo Unblur (to sharpen blurry images), and Portrait Light (to improve portrait lighting). Implementation may take a few weeks, as usual for Google rollouts. In addition, the company confirmed the availability of these features on “more devices, including Pixel tablets” as well.

Last year, Google introduced Magic Editor on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. This tool leverages generative AI to make complex edits with just a few gestures, such as moving the main subject or changing the color of the sky. Now, Magic Editor will be available on all Pixel devices with unlimited usability.

As for users who don’t own a Pixel, Google Photos will still offer the ability to use Magic Editor, but with a limit of 10 free saves per month on both Android and iOS platforms. Exceeding this limit will require a Pixel device or a premium subscription to Google One that includes at least 2TB of storage.

In short, Google is democratizing photo editing with artificial intelligence, making it accessible to an increasing number of users. As a reminder, these tools will be rolled out gradually starting May 15 and over the following weeks on all devices that meet the minimum requirements.