MSI has announced the arrival of new BIOSes updated to AGESA ComboPI Patch A that will allow the company’s X670E, X670, B650, A620 series motherboards to support next-generation Ryzen CPUs. The press release generically mentions AM5 processors, but it is clear that we are talking about the new Zen 5 models, as promised compatible with motherboards of the current generation.

In the meantime, Asus has already released the updated BIOS to the new AGESA version for the B650E-I gaming ROG Strix motherboard, ready to support the new processors that will most likely fall under the Ryzen 9000 nomenclature. It’s considered likely that AMD has planned to officially announce them during the opening conference for Computex in early June.

The imminent arrival of Zen 5 processors, codenamed Granite Ridge, has been anticipated by numerous rumors that speak of very important performance increases, probably due to the combination of a good increase in instructions per clock (IPC), as promised by AMD in the order of 10-15%, and a clear increase in frequencies.

Also benefiting from the new features of the Zen 5 architecture will be the new Strix Point APUs – which promise to raise the performance bar for ultraportables and handheld gaming PCs – and the high-performance laptop models of the Fire Range series. The new processors will not lack hardware dedicated to artificial intelligence, functional not only to dedicated applications but also to the possibility of taking full advantage of the new upcoming version of Windows 11.