For some time now, some fans have created the GTA VI – Vice City & Leonida State Mapping Project, a project that aims to recreate the map of Grand Theft Auto 6 using the parameters of the Rage Engine combined with what has emerged about the characteristics of the colossal Rockstar. According to current estimates, the playing area of the new installment of the series should be 2.55 times larger than that of Grand Theft Auto 5, extending over 125 square kilometers.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in development for PS5 – we’re assuming a graphically enhanced version for PS5 Pro is coming – and Xbox Series X/S. The release of the title, which from a graphic and technical point of view promises wonders, is scheduled for 2025, but a postponement to 2026 cannot be ruled out. The announcement of the PC version is still missing, presumably coming at a later date as happened with the previous chapter.

Rockstar hasn’t revealed much about Grand Theft Auto 6. We know that there will be two protagonists, that the female protagonist is called Lucia and that the setting includes Vice City, an alternate version of Miami, and several areas of the fictional state of Leonidas, inspired by Florida. But we know very little about the game mechanics.

Thankfully, the spectacular announcement trailer released in December 2023 offers plenty of ideas for imagining what activities we will face. In fact, it shows a tower for base jumping, competitions of various kinds, nightclubs and several references to possible mechanics related to social networks. In addition, clues and rumors suggest the presence of extremely realistic non-player characters, a faction system and a mechanic for picking locks.

Grand Theft Auto 6’s first and so far only trailer, which has reached 186 million views, has broken three world records. In fact, it is the most viewed non-music video on YouTube in the 24 hours following its publication, the most viewed video of a video game on YouTube in 24 hours and the video dedicated to a video game that has totaled the highest number of likes on YouTube within 24 hours.